Guide on the Five Best Places to Visit with Your Car Rental in Dubai

Guide on the Five Best Places to Visit with Your Car Rental in Dubai - AlshaaClub

You can conveniently rent a car in Bur Dubai in order to explore various interesting places in the city, quite cheaply and comfortably. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with several engaging tourist spots. Whether you are a resident of UAE or a tourist, you would definitely enjoy a lot visiting these places. 

It is helpful to refer to a list that tells you about top spots to visit in Bur Dubai, alone, with family or friends. Here is a short list with names of 5 places that you can check out. 

Lego Land Water Park

It is one of the most visited amusement parks in Bur Dubai. You can go to the place with kids. They would immensely enjoy spending a weekend there. There are lots of water rides and water vehicles in the park. You also get good options in food on its premises. There is no issue in parking the rented car, as it has a sprawling parking space. The activities in the park would keep the adults engrossed, too. Keep this at a top position of your list of places to be visited in Dubai. 

The Green Planet

This is yet another attractive place to visit in Dubai. It is a protected area, visited by thousands of plant and wildlife enthusiasts from across the world. The Green Planet boasts of a huge area of tropical forest, enriched with more than 3000 species of beautiful flora and attractive fauna species. Green Planet is always bustling with tourists. It is one of the major places in Dubai that always ranks as one of the most visited places in the city. You should visit the place at least once. It would not take much time to reach the destination on a rented car from the center of the city. 

Hatta Heritage Village 

If you are serious about knowing the local culture and tradition of UAE, then you need to visit the captivating Hatta Heritage Village in the nearby outskirts of the city. When you drive a top-class rented car, you would not take a lot of time to reach there. Witnessing the unique architecture of the place is a treat to the eyes. 

Kite Beach 

It is yet another tremendously fascinating place where you can drive a rented car on a lovely weekend and have a good time. 

Mall of the Emirates

It is a swanky mall that you can visit for some shopping. 

Visiting Deira

You can avail the Deira Dubai rent car services to explore the city further.

Guide on the Five Best Places to Visit with Your Car Rental in Dubai - AlshaaClub
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