Why Should You Have Your Domain Name Registered?

Domain Name Registration UAE

The importance of having a website cannot be stressed more especially during this pandemic period. The world is on the move and it’s heading in the digital direction. Conforming to the trend is the sure way of sharing in the profits generated in the digital market. The first step to joining the online market is by registering your domain name. The domain name registration UAE can cost as little as the price of two cups of coffee! However, despite being cost-friendly, the impact it may create on your business is tremendous. Below are reasons that underline the importance of registering your domain name.

Online Identity

The importance of social media in turning the world into a global village cannot be refuted. However, having a website helps you build your brand more than social media platforms. With your registered domain directing more traffic to your website, you’ll be able to sell your services or products more efficiently.  While in social media platforms you are a mere visitor, having a website enables you to call all the shots.


Having a registered domain name gives you internet flexibility. Suppose you want to change your host provider, or you want to switch between servers, a registered domain ensures your brand/website stays intact even with the change. Additionally, you don’t need to have a web page or website to register a domain name. You can simply use it to redirect visitors to your social media platforms.

Greater Visibility

Domain names aid in building your online portfolio by giving you more exposure in the online community. As such, people can easily find your contact. A domain name that is unique to your personality or is representative of the products you are offering makes it easy for clients/people to find you amongst the multitude of websites available online. Suppose you focus on content creation, having a registered domain name increases the chances of your content ranking on major search engines such as Google and Bing. Sharing your content directly on social media may not be as effective.

Builds Your Business Image

It doesn’t matter whether your business deals in online trade. You can benefit from having a proactive online presence in several ways, including meeting potential clients. Many customers nowadays do a web search of a company before seeking their services or buying products. Having a domain name portrays to them that you are professional and resourceful and can meet their expectations.

Insulation from Domain Names Disputes

There have been cases where companies battle it out in court because they both claim the same domain name. Having your domain name registered reduces the chances of sharing a similar identity with another entity or person.


The dynamics of the marketing world have changed drastically, with more purchases now being conducted online.  The best way of tapping into this market is by registering your domain and building a well-developed website. Order now when the best domain names are still available.

Domain Name Registration UAE
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